RIX Connect Agreement

RIX Connect Agreement


The Reykjavik Intnernet Exchange (RIX) was established to interconnect Internet Service Providers (ISPs) located in Iceland in a cost-effective and simple manner. RIX does not compete with its members and will not offer any services not consistent with its primary purpose.

Agreement between:

Internet á Íslandi hf. ID number 660595-2449
Katrínartúni 2
105 Reykjavík

and the connecting party (CP)

Company: _________________________________ Corporate Identity No: ____________________ Address : _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ AS# _______________________________________ Connects to POP (TG/K2/MH) ______________ Type of connection (TX/SR/LR/ER..) ________ Connection Speed (100G/10G/1G) ____________ Connection provider _______________________ Physical (fiber pair/bidi/cat ..) _________


The RIX connection is billed monthly, in advance, according to the current RIX pricing schedule.

Connectivity Requirements

The Connecting Party (CP) agrees to the following:

Operational requirements:

Technical Requirements

ISNIC, the RIX operator agrees to the follwing:


The agreement terminates three months after a notice from either party.


The CP has access to their own colocated equipment during office hours, accompanied by a RIX/ISNIC employee.

Office hours are 09:00-17:00 GMT0


Insurance is required for colocated equipment.


Employees of Internet á Íslandi hf., will handle all information about the connection and traffic as confidential.



On behalf of RIX


On behalf of the CP



Administrative Contact:

  Name: ________________________________

  E-mail: ______________________________

  ISNIC NIC-handle: ____________________

Technical Contact:

  Name: ________________________________

  E-mail: ______________________________

  ISNIC NIC-handle: ____________________

Email for peering requests: (will be subscribed to the peering mailinglist, rix-announce@lists.isnic.is).

  E-mail: _____________________________

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