RIX is a public internet exchange, located in Reykjavík, Iceland. RIX has been operating since 1999 and was the first an open internet exchange in Iceland. All the major Icelandic Internet Service Providers are connected.

The RIX is open to everyone satisfying it's connectivity requirements. See the RIX Connectivty Agreement. Connection speed is 1Gbs/10Gbs/100Gbs ethernet. The ISPs are responsible for leasing/optaining connectivity to the RIX switches. Currently the RIX is located in three places in Reykjavik (Dunhagi 5 (TG), Katrínartún 2 (K2) and Ármúla 25 (MH)).

RIX is a member of European Internet Exchange Association, Euro-IX. RIX is registered in the peering database (peeringdb.com) and we encourage our members to register their networks there.

Reykjavík Internet Exchange (RIX) is a service provided by Internet á Íslandi hf.

RIX POP's are located in Tæknigarði, Dunhaga 5 on the University of Iceland campus, in ISNIC's HQ, Katrínartún 2 and in Múlastöð, Ármúla 25, Reykjavík
rix@rix.is +354 5782030